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The inaugural International Conference on Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine 2018 (ICDDTM’18) and its successor, International Conference on Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine 2021 (ICDDTM’21), have served as global platforms for researchers and clinicians to network, exchange ideas, and discuss their latest discoveries pertinent to precision medicine and its associated disciplines. Both conferences were enormously successful, having attracted delegates from local and international institutions.

The MACR and its partners have once again formed alliances in organising the third meeting of the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine (ICDDTM’23) from 5th to 6th December, 2023. On behalf of the ICDDTM ’23 organising committee, we are truly honoured and delighted to invite delegates from all around the world to this conference. The conference theme, “Scientific Discoveries: Impacting Healthcare and Driving Economic Growth”, spotlights the positive impact of scientific research on economic progress. Healthcare innovations derived from research benefit not only patients but also a nation’s economy, the beneficiary that often goes unnoticed. It is time to rekindle public appreciation for science, especially among young digital natives who are generally more receptive to innovative ideas and concepts. ICDDTM’23 aims to bring together academicians, healthcare industry players, researchers, clinician scientists, medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, other healthcare personnel, policymakers, undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdoctoral fellows from all parts of the world to discuss the current progress of drug discovery and translational medicine research.

The two-day conference programme focuses on five major areas, namely cancer, infectious diseases, inflammatory and metabolic diseases, mental health/neurodegeneration and miscellaneous (cardiovascular/ drug design/ delivery/ pharmacoeconomics), and will feature prominent plenary and invited talks. The Scientific Committee has also planned a comprehensive programme which includes pre-conference workshops, parallel oral and poster sessions covering the five major research areas, and post-conference symposiums. To keep participants engaged, we have included some new activities, i.e., a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Competition to instil an interest in science in the budding minds of our next generation; and two special forums to stimulate the much-needed debate on issues relating to stem cell therapy and medical uses of ketum. The final highlight of the conference will be the award ceremony, where the Best Oral Presenters, Best Poster Presenters and Student awards, will be given as recognition of the outstanding work of the selected participants. It has been our greatest hope that this conference will function as an international platform to explore and promote potential collaborations in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu
Co-Chair, ICDDTM ’23
UCSI University

Dr. Jonathan Lim Chee Woei
Co-Chair, ICDDTM ’23
Universiti Putra Malaysia

ICDDTM23 Event Poster
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