Leveraging ChatGPT for Scientific Exploration

Date: 4th December 2023
Venue: Executive Lounge, Level 4, Mines Beach Resort

Pre-Conference Workshop Fees Only
(applicable for those who want to attend the workshops only without attending the main conference)
Early Bird RateNormal Rate
International Delegates
(Delegates who are from outside Malaysia)
USD 100USD 120
(Delegates who are working and/or staying in Malaysia)
RM 250RM 300
International Delegates
(Delegates who are from outside Malaysia)
USD 70USD 90
Local Students
(Students who are studying in Malaysia)
RM 200RM 250

Objective: To familiarize participants with the potential applications of ChatGPT in scientific research, communication, and problem-solving across various domains of science.

Duration: Half-day workshop

*subject to change

9:00 AM
Introduction to AI and ChatGPT
9:30 AM
ChatGPT Applications in Scientific Research
10:00 AM
Activity 1: Prompt Tuning
Activity 2: Fact-Checking Challenge
11.00 AM
Morning Tea
11:30 AM
Communicating Science Effectively
12:15 PM
Ethical Considerations and Limitations
12:30 PM
Future of AI in Science
12:45 PM
Closing Remarks
12.50 PM
Lunch and Networking

*subject to change

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